Homaeopathic Medical & Surgical Hospital & Dispensary of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pa. Octo 19th, 1898

My dear girls:

You notice I use the plural in spelling girls and that means that my little remembrance [out] is for all our Pittsburgh girls.

I think of you often and hope you are all well. We are exceedingly busy in the house now. Every private room full and the wards filling rapidly except E Ward which has but four patients.

There are but few calls for nurses, at present, there being but little sickness in the city.

Miss Halluck] is home. Also, Mrs. Harrah and Miss Mckee. Miss Lindly comes home for a week or two to nurse a friend of hers who undergoes an operation here at the hospital. The other girls are all away yet. but I think Miss Rodgers starts home in about

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