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The Field Museum Library has digitized and added to the Biodiversity Heritage Library Timothy Plowman’s entire field book collection, which spans his career from 1969, when he worked for the botanical museum at Harvard, through his years as a curator of botany at the Field Museum from 1976-1987. Timothy Plowman was an ethnobotanist and the world authority on the taxon Erythroxylum (coca). This genus of tropical trees and shrubs is best known for the species Erythroxylum coca L., a sacred leaf of the Andes, and also the source from which commercial cocaine is derived.
Timothy Plowman botanical collecting notebook : 3500-3767, 1974

Timothy Plowman botanical collecting notebook : 3500-3767, 1974

Field notebook detailing the collecting activities of Timothy Plowman in the United States and Colombia while he was affiliated with Harvard University. The field notes include information regarding the collection of botanical specimens, environmental conditions and general observations made...

120 pages: 1% indexed, 3% transcribed
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