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Over the last mountain met
General Sinclair, president of Congress
with his Lady on horse, without a
servant, which I take for granted was
intended to set a good example to
the back settlers & Virgenians to drop
parade in travelling, he had been up
in search of Iron ore on Laurel hill
which if found he had contracted
with Congress for a stipulated price
for a large run, otherwise the land
is little worth. Iron & Salt are the
two material things wanting there.
the Genl. said he expected to be in
Philadelphia in five days.

285 [in right margin]

______ To Fort Legonier, to the foot
of Laurel hill 2 [?]miles, good land &
good timber trees. Laurel Mountain
Rises a S. E course from 34 to 41 degrees
at this place [?] miles over, exceeding
poor land, vary stoney, small trees &
swamp [?], the west side exceeding
large angular Stones & much worse
than [hornneck?] in Conneticut, but
might be made a good road at a small
expence; near the foot of the hill 3/4
of a mile better road, then to a fine
road, exceeding lofty trees, mostly
black walnut, to Ligonier fort 5 miles
the fort is situated in a fine bottom
220 by 100 feet with four Bastions. the

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