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Stockadoes well standing, within 5 or
600 yards on a hill, are ranges of Stores
& barracs, where was the old fort & many
Redoubts, from thence down the hill
to Loyal Hannon creek to John Bridges 3.30 [h.m?]

Here had been a battle with
the french. Gen Forbes command, where
many were killed Majr Grant + Majr Lewis
& others taken Prisoners in a Barn + 100
acres of Land let for 3 years, for buildg.
a barn worth 50 £ _ + on this part of the
mountn. is where Gen Sinclar + M Bird
intend to erect Iron furnaces _ there
were 2 farms before we came to Birds_
here passed 6 waggons 5 horses each
who help each other occationally
carrying from 30 to 35 [# ?] weight had
been 3 weeks from Philadelphia _ on
the lower part of the mountain some
mountain Laurel, the first seen.

_______ To 9-mile Run, (a Creek, three
rod wide) to the foot of Channal hill
4 miles, indifferent good land, large
trees. Chestnut hill 4 miles over first part but
indifferent land, 1 mile exceeding fine
land. 7 farms on the road. to Reeds

______ To Hannons town fine timber
land 17 farms on the road lately made
3 miles shorter than the old. it was
made a borough town in 1773 & courts
kept until 1786 but now Pitsbourg is
soliciting the removal of the Courts there
tho the last Sessions it had been transferred
to Greensborough. there are but 13 miserable
log houses in Hannons town _______ 31 [in right margin]

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