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Snow sometimes 3 feet deep
lays above a week, tho Ice
continues from 14 to 21 days; there
are many springs _ many Sugar Maple
trees, they tap them from February to
April. dig Ginsang from in July &
Augt. when iced red. fine potatoes
of [illegible]. Turnips 12th - they have
here good kernel coal, waving stratus
polishd surface _ plenty of Deer _
Spring generally in April. Winter
latter end of January _ detained by
rain thunder & lightning two days at
freemans tavern, it being sunday
M Dodge a prisbtn. parson, going to
Illionoise, to report th Country to
his congregation in Conneticut,
many of whom wished to remove
there, or to Kennebeck, having given
notice of preaching that day, which
he did, both parts of the day, under
a beautiful shade of trees 1/2 mile
from the town, & gave good prophetic
prayers & discourses. though the
creeks were up that many could
not be passed he had upwards of
200 that attended both services

July 3 [in the left margin]

______ To Powells run, or [illegible word] the first
7 miles. easy hills & waving land
good soil, then crossed Turtle Creek
which would in Europe be deemed
a River, altho it runs in an ~
apparent bottom, yet within one
mile crossed it nine time the last
had a rising on the west side.

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