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terminated by a perpendicular rock
10 or 12 feet high with an opening
appearantly a Cave, & here was the
first apparent rising from the first
crossing. dined at Mr. Miers's near
80 Year old almost double, yet active &
furnished a good dinner. 12 miles.
at 2 miles distance on the West side of
Monongahala River, on the banks
thereof, was Braddocks defeat, in a
bottom. the Faench attacked them from
a small rising above the bottom. it
is now all in corn, 10 farms on the road.
_ Adam Jacobs was raising a roof on
his farm, at which above 40 men were
employed & had nearly raised it that day _

______ To Pittsbourgh, mounted mother
Miers's hill, then for 4 miles easy -
ascent, then level, in 7 miles came to
Turtle Creek, the same as crossed last
stage. came to the side of a hill, having
stratas of Slate & freestone laying
horizontal, as are all on the otherside
of the Allagany mountains, whereas
on the otherside quite down to the Sea
they are most generally if not totally
found in all directions but that of
horizontal & frequently perpendicular
which gives reason to suppose the
interior land remains in its primi-
tave state & that next the Ocean

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