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hath been convulsed by earth
quakes & violent eruptions, about
a mile or two on this side Pittsburgh came
to the banks I rode alongside the
Allagany River, which runs rapid
& 3 or 400 yards over hills on each
side, with skirtings of low land next
the River - - - [right margin] 12

Pittsbourgh is situated on
the bank of Monogahany River
540 yards broad, which has a placid
gentle Current. Fort Pitt a few
hundred yards to the Southward, near
the Bank of Allagany River 320 yards
wide, which runs rapidly & almost
at right angles into Monogahany
River, which when united forms
the head of the Ohio River. The
town consists of about 150 houses
mostly Log or framed, some good stone
a presbeterian meeting; near 400 men.
there is a fine prospect of the town &
River from Grants hill, or from
coal hills the other side Monogahaney
river. Steers of 400 w. or Cow & calf
sell for 5£ Beef 3 or 3 1/2 Veal & mutton [?]
grown fowls 8d, pork 22/6 the 100 --
excellent flour not the first 10 to 12 f
the 100. Venison [illegible] the carcass 5
to 7/6. fish cheap & plenty, pike of 33 lb
salmon perch Bass Catt Sturgeon [illegible] &c.
wood land near the town from 5 to 20 £
The Spring generally in March, the
fall the middle of Novembr. Snow seldom
lies on the ground above 5 or 6 days,
nor is the River frozen above 3 or 4
days, temperate climate, tho had 2 warm
days after Rain. a fog over the River in
the Morning dispelled about 7 o clock

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