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_ _ _ _ To Fayette town in Fayett
County, formerly called Red Stone
fort, fine land & good road most part level 26 farms
on the road to Monogahany river,
going a road newly made & no
person or boat being in sight or
within call concluded it was fordable
when got 1/3 over, was obliged to swim
the horses upwards of 200 yards the
River being 400 yards wide, rising
a short hill came to the Town _
consisting of 20 odd Log houses, built
within 2 years _ _ _ _ _ _

July 10 [in left margin]

To Union town, lately called
Beaston, Borough town to Fayette
county has a house Goal a Court
Prisbetarian & Methodist Church
& 120 houses mostly Log & built within
2 years. the land easy hills with
some stone, soil good, having Red
Stone Creek running through the
town on which are grist mills, here
Lived Col Mc.Lean who gave me
the plan & measurement of Youghioga=
=ny falls _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

11 [in left margin]

_ _ _ To [Jake's?] publick house _ the
first 2 miles good land 3 farms on the
road, when came again to Laurell
hill. 3 miles up the hill poor land is
[Fosdicks?] public house, poor fair, a
little above the house is the -
summit of the hill, on which hill
several tracts of land, some of them
for miles, the woods have taken
fire, from fires left by Wagons

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