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439 [in the right margin]

or droves of horses that encampt
thereon to graze or encamp for the night
which hath killed all the trees
as far as the conflagration went
& which afforded an extensive view
of Fayette County in Virginia & of
Washington County in Pensylvania
those Counties being on the line
or River that divides the two states; altho
the Counties have many hills
it appeared through a good accro=
=matich glass, like a plain, with
little spots every here & there appeard
like portions of plowed land arrising
from the steams & branches of trees (of that [illegible]
that had been girded & there by
killd, when they ploughd & row the
land; leaving the trees standing
to rot & fall, by which cattle & men
are subject to accident, yet this
is the custom on the otherside of
the Susquhanah to save trouble _
it is said one or more of those fires
happen every spring & continue
burning until put out by rain -
the road to Fosrichs very stony &
rocky, from Fosrichs to Ink's much
better road, but poor land, Laurel
hill ends half a mile before you come
to Inks'. (here left the main road
with Mr Inks as a guide to the
Youghagany falls - - -

8 [in the right margin]

- - - - - To Youghagany falls, the first
2 miles over bad rocky road & soil,
then came to a glade or great meadow
narrow but of a great length, which having

447 [in the right margin]

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