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crossed, then mounted a stony or rather
a rocky hill bad soil & 6 miles further
came to John [Askreens?] farm, to whom
I had a letter from Col McLean, who
as being the best guide, desired he
would go with me. I however took
them both, as it was through high
hills & rocky presipices (leaving my
coat neck cloth & incumbrances) at
2 miles distance; we however climing
over rocks trees Logs & hills, Lost
our way, altho he had been there
two years before, we at length after
three hours fatigue arrived at
some distance below the falls, but
in full sight, when it appeared to
me through a good glass as on the opposite side

[Bottom half of the page has a map of the area]

Road from Fort Pitt to the little Meadows

Youghiagani River

Salt works carried on during the war.


about 66 feet falls to the mouth of great meadows ru

Great Meadow run

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