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44 [written in the right margin]

The great falls of 49 1/2 feet, came
down from level rocks, falling
perpendicular, in one intire
sheet, with such violence as raised
a mist of great heigth, like a thick
fog or vapour & with a noise
heard long before the mountain
can be seen, dashing & foaming
against innumerable large rocks
that one chiefly on the west side
of thee River. on the East side there
is little or no obstruction judge
the River to be near 150 yards
wide where dried my linnen
returned to Mr Arskeens & from thence
through an obscure path to the
Red Lyon, Salters tavern, a mile
beyond the big meadow, - - - - - - - -

Mr Braddock after being wounded
was brought 108 miles near Inks' +
was buried 2 1/2 miles beyond Inks'
in the middle of the road, to be conceald
from the Indians

_ _ _ _ To Halls farm, easy hills +
strong good level + meadow land. Mr Hall
is young man with a wife & 7 Children,
during the War, he bought 600 acres of
land for which he gave 3000£ paper money
worth at that time about 50£ Cash. he has only
himself a Son of 12 years & a Servant that
work, has a forge is his own Carpenter, Smith,
&c. has 21 head of Cattle, 17 sheep, 8 horses +
mares, 37 hogs + pigs, spins linnen & wollen
for his family, in want of Iron + Salt only,
This small farm of grain pasture, barn &
Log house in good order. from Laurel hill
common to Allagany Mountains _ _ _ _
So cold. that for the first time wore a great
[Coat?] since left Philadelphia.

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