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building leases for 99 years for which they gave in
the streets from 12£ to 30£ Sterling a foot per ann & in
the suburbs from 2/6 to 4/6 per foot per ann, on which
good brick houses have been built, which on rents
falling have been put up to Sale, but not a shilling
bid for them. There is a navigation for ships 6 mile
higher than Baltimore. from the latter to the Cape 260 mile
the town now are over built unless engage in some
branch of Manufacture. 2 Schooners 18 boats at the
wharfs loaded with water Melons in a cluster.

1215 [written in the right margin]

23, 24
Aug 25 [all three numbers written in the left margin]

___ To Mr Ridleys farm. first 5 miles
poor land _ to Kingsborough 4 miles a
small Iron furnace - 7 1/2 mile white
marsh Creek where the tide comes up
poor land 9 farms on the road. To Birds
River 3 miles 2 farms. on the road.
here a public house, several deserted
houses & the Companys old forge, which
was informed was thrown up last year
& carried to great gun powder falls
or long Camp, to which came in 2 1/2 miles
3 farms on the road indifferent land.

vide NB next side.

(NB The forge was at work in a bottom
a few houses round & a mill dam above
it. Capt Henry Howard who had the managmt
was gone to Baltimore, but John Darney
the Clerk, who had been in that Business
52 years, said the Business had been very
ill managed. that they had 100 Men Women &
Children 70 of which were negroes & 50 thereof
were a real incumberance. that their supply
of pork & indian meal was procured by bar
Iron; they gave one ton thereof to Capt Ridley [stock?] of
for 3 ton of cast to carry it on. that Mr Russel
had died lately & the works were to be sold
the 10' Octo.r that 2 or 300 £ is [out?] put the works
in good repair; 200 £ ann [illegible] for provisions & wages
when they might have their own pig Iron from
[Ponotasco?] 25 miles water carriage & make

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