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500 £ per ann clear profit, & that Capt Ridley

1215 [written in the right margin]

is the only manager of 8 that is capable
of directing the concern.

(Second stage to Mr Ridleys farm). To
Winters Creek 3 mile 4 farms _ to Abington
where are 60 or 70 houses & a Methodist
well built brick Colledge 70 Studients.
3 mile, 1 farm. then better land, to
Mr Ridleys 3 mile 14 farms _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

32 [written in the right margin]

NB Mr Ridley has 400 acres
in cultivation 120 of which the best Indian
corn I have seen. a grist & Saw mill, Cattle
in fine order - situated within 3 mile of
Chisapeek Bay.

2 [written in the right margin]

_ _ _ _ _ To Lancaster town, the upper [bye?]
road which found exceeding obscure & poor
soil, repented not going the lower road
which tho longer is through a highly
cultivated country & good road. - To
Havre de Grace on the bank of Susquehan
=nah, a town of 30 stragling houses 3 ~
mile 3 farms on the road - crossed the

33 [written in the right margin]

ferry 1 1/4 mile over, navigable 3 mile
higher up & 10 mile higher they are
digging a cannal parrellel to falls
9 mile long, to make it navigable for
small craft from Bulls ferry _ the first
15 mile easy hills; gravelly, some stony
several small farms where came to
Woods fulling mill on a Creek that
divides Maryland from Pennsylvania,
crossed into Chester County. the next
19 mile better land & farms _ the last
10 mile very good land, about 40 farms
on the road, interspersed with good -
timber land, soil white, Red, gravelly, Stony

1247 [written in the right margin]

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