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1247 [written in the right margin]

& some rocky, but all rich & productive
& the Country highly cultivated. Crossed
the Canastoga Creek, (which would be
deemed a considerable river in England)
2 miles before entered Lancaster town_

41 [written in the right margin]

NB Lancaster is the largest
inland town in America, chiefly settled
by Germans, the most industrious _
frugal people in America; has a
noble brick Court house & Goal, Lutherans
& German, Episcopal, presbeterian
Moravian & Roman Cath.c Churches
& Quakers meeting, 1600 houses, framed
& brick, 9000 Inhabitants.

Sep' 1 [written in the left margin]

- - - - Went to Sam Wrights ferry
(where dined) on the Susquehannah, said by the Inhabitants
to be the richest in America, tho think
much better the otherside Allegany Mount'
& near fort Stanwick. easy hills, [wavy?]
& level land, the first 3 mile very rich,
on a led colour lime stone, 8 farms
often interspersed with portions of wood
land, the best timber & large, underwooded
& adorned with a fine lawn _ the next
4 mile, more on a white flint, often
combined with blue lime Stone, some
part gravelly, stony, trees good specie
but smaller - the next 3 mile encreas=
=ing in goodness as approach the Susqu=
=hannah where is Ottees famous manner
& blue rock farms, the river 7/8 of a mile
over, went from the ferry to the No. point
where is Chickies Rock 305 feet high as
measured by Dr Franklin, near perpendicular
& the boldest I had seen; went with M

1288 [written in the right margin]

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