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[S]epter' [written in the left margin]

1366 [written in the right margin]

To the head of Elk. _ To Newport on
the same Creek 3 mile. 30 houses, great
[larquedere?] for flour from Chester & Lancaster
counties to Philadelphia _ to Christene
6 mile 30 houses the head of navigation on said
Creek 50 feet over, great quantity of flour
from Mills on Elk & Susquehanah Mills, from
hence to Elk 10 miles land carriage, gives a
choice of markets of Baltimore & Philadelphia
here the intended canal for inland navigation

_ To the head of Elk 10 mile 50 or 60
stragling houses. a borough town, the
head of navigation to the Chesapeak. 3
mile lower the River as wide as Delaware
a little lower navigable for large Vessels
great wheat market. Here Gen Howe crossed to
Philadelphia. the road to head of Elk
and back _______

26 [both numbers written in the right margin]

4 [written in the left margin]

Brandy wine Creek 1 mile _
Its head rises 60 mile higher. here
the water is taken up to supply 9
very well constructed Stone grist
mills, two whereof having double
stones may be deemed as 11, which
frequently grind

the village consists of about
40 stone built houses, populous
& appearance of much Business _

1 [written in the right margin]

_ _ _ _ _ To Chester _ good road, some
hills, tho the Country has been
long settled & much worn yet in
good cultivation, first part stones
impregnated with Iron ore, has

1407 [written in the right margin]

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