Papers of Ernest Henry Wilson, 1896-1952. Account book, 1906-1909.


This account ledger was kept by Ernest Henry Wilson on his 1907-1909 plant collecting expedition to China


Section One: "The Arnold Arboretum Expedition to China, 1906-1909." "E.H. Wilson in charge." pp. 4-49. Includes "Photographic account." p. 49.

Section Two: "The John E. Thayer Expedition to China, 1907-1909." "E.H. Wilson in charge." pp. 100-129.

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Expedition to China : The President and Fellows of Harvard College. Cambridge, Mass. in account with E. H. Wilson.

1906-11By Draft £1001906-11-12Fare Liverpool to Shanghai £69.7.5
1906-11Incidental London re
Fare Common etc. about 12.7
1906-12-05Kew to Liverpool fare etc. £2.15.0
1906-12-05Incidental Liverpool 10.0
1906-12-13Incidental [?] Trans-Atlantic £2.10.0
1906-12-13Gratuities S.S. Baltic £1.5.0
£100.0.01906-12-12Balance in Hand £23.0.0

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Expedition to China :

DateCreditsTotalDate (Enter as YYYY-MM-DD)Drafts/DebitsTotal
1906-12-13Brought forward £23.0.01906-12-14New York: -$ etc
@ each $4.80 =110.41906-12-14Cab Dock to Railway3.50
1906-12-30Boy Cook1001906-12-14Rail New York to Boston6.50
1906-12-14Baggage extras etc2.00
1907-02-04By [?] from W. Zappey27.21906-12-14Car to Hotel, Boston1.00
1906-12-14 - 1906-12-31Boston: -
1906-12-14 - 1906-12-31Meals (twenty-five)24.00
1906-12-14 - 1906-12-31Incidental {expenses}16.00
1906-12-14 - 1906-12-31Business cards3.25
1906-12-31Clark's Hotel36.64
1906-12-31Cab to Rail and Baggage extras2.00
1907-01-05Meals on Train 31st - 4th {inclusive}14.50
1907-01-05Gratuities to Train men2.50
1907-01-05Carriage to Hotel1.00
1907-01-08Metropole Hotel Oakland13.75
1907-01-08Incidental Oakland7.45
1907-01-08Baggage Transfer etc6.45
1907-01-08Gratuities to Porters2.20
1907-01-11Contributions towards
1907-01-11spent on S.S. "Doric"2.50
1907-01-14Hotel [?] Honolulu6.80
1907-01-14Incidental Honolulu3.10
1907-01-28Japan: - Washing2.80
1907-01-28Japan: - Hotels11.25
1907-01-28Japan Rail Tokyo to Nagasaki16.85
1907-02-02Japan Incidental 28th -2nd {inclusive}25.30
1907-02-04Incidental San Francisco
1907-02-04to Shanghai17.15
1907-02-04Gratuities S.S. "Doric"8.00
1907-02-04Balance in Hand.11

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