(seq. 4)




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March 15th - March 23rd
I have now reached [?]
on my upward journey.
The boat left on the evening
of the 11th instant and I left the
following day. Owing to
a miscalculation I had to
spend the first night in my
second boat. We caught up
our boat next morning
at Wang Ling Miao. The
river is very good for travelling
now and none of the rapids
severe thus far. The Chin
and Yeh Tan gave us
no trouble and there was not
a junk tied up at the
foot of either. A very
remarkable and good sign.
Our worst rapids so far
were the Hsiao ma Tan and

Notes and Questions

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Could the ? In line 7 be “miscalculation?”
Line 9 “old”
Line 12 “for” “traveling”
Line 18 “foot” “of”