Papers of Ernest Henry Wilson, 1896-1952. Agreement between Ernest Henry Wilson and a Chinese assistant "Boy-Cook," 1904.


Agreement between Ernest Henry Wilson and a Chinese assistant "Boy-Cook," written in English and Chinese. The English version is written in Wilson's hand, 1904.

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I. This is to certify that the undersigned agree to accompany Mr E.H. Wilson, in the capacity of Boy cook and general servant, anywhere and everywhere, during the period of the latter's stay in China, or, for so long as the said Mr E.H.Wilson desires

2. Mr E.H.Wilson reserves the right to discharge the said boy on payment of wages and passage money in the port of Ichang. But should dismissal be necessitated by misconduct, insubordination or any unlawful act , Mr. E.H. Wilson's liabilities in regard to passage money and wages to the port of Ichang cease at the moment the said Boy is discharged.

3. Wages at the rate of twenty dollars per month will be paid to the said Boy. When travelling over land with money, not [exceeding?] [?] [?] per month will be allowed. In the passage up river & which living in board in any town no such allowance will be made.

4. Mr. E.H. Wilson engages himself, if he is wholly satisfied with the conduct and work of the said Boy, to present the latter with three month wages (sixty dollars) gratuity on their return to IChang

5. On and after the signing of the mutual agreement the service of the said Boy are intimately and wholly at the use of Mr. E.H. Wilson

6. Mutually agreed upon and signed this the twenty fourth February 1904.

Witness [signed]

EH Wilson [ST: in english and Chinese]

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