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Mr Matthew Cozzens Boston Febry 24th 1766

I duly received yours of 19th [burrM?} & agreable
to your request have engag'd the Head [Ve?] for your Ship at Swansey
to be ready by next Tuesday Seventh being the soonest I could get one made
none ready made to be had, it will be sent by the first Conveyance
that offers after it is finish'd, mean Time [Jam?]

Your most hum Serts
{V Posts}

Mr George Bryan Boston Febry: 24th 1766

I redd last Saturdays post copy of yours of 8th [Curr?]th the
original not yet come to hand desiring me not to act on your order for Charter: y,
a Vessell to Load with Wheat for Spain [vy?] but not till after I had absolutely
agreedconcluded on the Charter for the Ship Huntress, however have got releas'd again
on obligating myself to pay the Charges already acrued to the owners in Conse-
quence therof, which will cheifly arise on Shipping ([vc?]) the Master mater & Crew
which were all engagd & went from hence for Newburyport the latter end
of last week & probably the Ship woud have been at Sea by the last of next
week at farthest the weather proving favourable. Copy of the Charter party
I shall forward you by Water by which youll find I had got her on your
lowest terms, but as that is now at an end, hope the Vessell you have hired
at Anapolis being on the spot may turn out so much more to your advantage
as will make good the Loss on this, which at present cantbe ascertaind, when
it is will advise you the amount, it is said that the Expportation of Wheat
from England will be prohibitted for 3 months. I am with tender of my
best Services

Your most hum Serv.

The above is Copy [of frost?] I now enclose you
Copy the [Chavterhany?] for Ship Huntress
{V Posts. Copy of Mr Davenport}

Boston Febr 25th: 1766 Recd: No 25of Glenry Lloyd & sq. Mistake

Boston Febr 25th: 1766
Above is [JhB?]. Hartshorn Rect for [20?] Barry Hauschurst's
Rigg Soon wt 20.2 - amountg to L 9.4.6 L.M.O. have charged
to your Acctt I am
Your Humb. Servt.
P.S. Shrimpton Hutchineson Esqr desires
you will send him Pvt offey, a plate of iron & [Inchasvgare?] 1/4 inch thick for
an Iron Door. To [Gho. Cobb Srar?]

{V J Hartshorn}

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