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Ung. Stearnarium For Swellings & Inflamations
Rx. Alfines, Fol. Plantago, Internal Cort. e Sambuci aa q. s. Coq. in Butyrum recens
till the Ingredients burne a crisp. Colature &c.

Ung. Vulnerarium healer f. Wounds & Ulcers
Rx. Agrimon. Hedere Terrestris. Hypericum aa q. s. Coq. in Butyrum Recens as above
add [Janiele?] Vel Mutton or Cow Tallow

Ung. Emmoliens
Rx. Fol. de althea. Fol. Taphi Barbati Fol Cham. aa q. s. Coq. in Butyrum

Ung. Laxative
Rx. Smallage. Asparagus Foenicule dulc. Partly Butchers Broom Coq. in Butyram Recens.

Hartford Conn
Asylum Hartf

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