(seq. 6)




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The 5 opening Roots
Smallage, Asparagus, Fennel, Petroselina, Butchers-Broom.
The 5 emollient Herbs
Marshmallons, Mallons, Mercury, Pellitory é [ye?] Wall. Violets,
The 4 cordial Flowers
Flowers of Borage, Buglofs, Roses, Violets.
The 4 Greater hot Seeds
Aniseed, Caraway-Seed, Cummin-Seed, Fennel Seed.
The 4 Lesser hot Seeds
Seeds of Bishops Weed, Stone-Parsley, Smallage, Wild-Carrot
The four greater cold Seeds
Seeds of Water Millions, Cucumbers, Gourds, Melons
The four lesser cold Seeds
Seeds of Succory, Endive, Lettuce, Purslain.

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