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This is a Tumour between the
Canthus of the Eye and hoot
of the Nose when it breaks it is
called Aegylops and if it lets
the Tears run involuntarily it is
termed Fistula Lachrymalis
and is also called Anchylops
A Cooling Slender Diet is best
with gentle Exercise
Cure, bleed, or Cup Apply
leeches. Blisters or cut Issues
give Linient Cathartics
If the Lamine of the Nose
is Carious Use Rad. Gentian
Myrrh. euphorb. Camph. Spt
Vin &c
Rx. Liniment Arcei oz. ss precipit
Rub s. j pulv. Myrrh Bals. peru
aa dr. ss m.

Albugo or Spot in the Eye

Rad. Alth. oz. j. Fol. Malv. Euphrag. Chelidon
Maj. an Mj. Sem. Lin. Fenugr aa oz. iij. Flor.
Melilot. P. j. Coq. in aq. Fontan. q. s. ad lb. ii.
Fumigate the Eye with a Vapour of this Decoct.
and repeat it often also Foment the parts
Rx Reduce equal Parts of Fine Sugar and common
Glass to an exceeding Fine Powder and
blow a little of it through a Quill every Day
into the Eye.


An Alopecy is
a Disease called fox
Evil or Scurf. When
The Hair Falls off
of ye Head by Roots

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