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Amaurosis, or Gutta Serena

This is an Abolition of the Sight when no fault appears in the Eyes
Except in the Pupil which is Larger then Usual

The Indications of Cure are to discuss the Stagnating humours which Compress the Nerves & then to Strengthen the affected
keep the Body open with laxative pills Mixed with Calomel. Strong
Glysters are of great Use.
Rx. Cinnab. Nat. ppt. Occul. Canc. Succin. ppt. aa dr. ij. Sal. Vol. Succin.
Sal. Volat. C. C. aa gr X. Divid. in xij. Partes quarum Singule gr iij.
Sulph. Antim. ad di possunt. give one of these in the Evening.
Rx. Balm, Fennel-Seed. Rad. Valer. pro Tea in Mane.
If these fail Salivate or Use a Spoonfull of a Solution
of Corros. Sublimat. in a Day which will answer as well as
a Salivation Dissolve Gr. viij. in j. pt. of French Brandy & give as
mentioned above. The Rad. Val. is a most powerfull Remidy.

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