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Cathartics, Enemas, & Diuretics, are proper If the Viscere is found by a
Paracenthesis or Fapping Cathart. Draught Cathartic Draught
Cathart. Bolus Electu. against the Dropsy Bolus of with
Mercury, hydragogue Julep, Neutral Salts, diuretic Salt
Stibiated Nitre, Volat. Salt of Amber, Salt peter, Fixed alkaline Salts,
diuretic Bolus, Bolus diuretic diet drink, diuretic Infusion, Diuretic Draught
Expression of Hog lice, diuretic Julep, Saline Julep, Squill Julep,
Tinct. Cantharid. Garlic Pills, Squill Pills. If the patient is afflicted
with great Pain, give the Anodyne diuretic diet - Drink.
Haustus Catharticus Rx. Scamony gr. Xjv. Aq. hung. z dr. ij. Syr de Spin. Cerv. dr. vj.
Grind the Scammony well in a Glass Mortar with the Spt. then add the Syr.
Bolus Catharticus Rx. Jalap. dr. ss. Syr. Caryoph. q. s. pro Bolus Vel.
Rx. Rhei gr. 25 Merc. dulc. gr. vij. Syr. Ros. Solut. q. s. pro bolus.
Electary Hydropicum Rx. Gm. Gambago oz. jss Cream Tart. oz. j Zinzib. oz. ss
Syr. Sacch. q. s. m. this will work upwards & Downwards. dr. ss pro dosibus early in the

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