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Bearing down è the Matrix or Procidentia Uteri.

Apply Emollient Enema's to Evacuate the Rectum bleed 3 or 4
Times Then apply Emollient Cataplasms with white Bread and Milk
or of Emollient Plants emollient Baths are also to be applied. The parts
being relaxed the Patient must Lie upon her Back with her hips
higher then her head and her Legs Quite Asunder; then put
the Uterus by Degrees where you find the Least Resistance with
out any Violence this done the patient must be confined to
her bed for about 15 Days with her thighs Closed and her Legs
across and her hips
Compleat the Cure with Astringent Injections Baths and Pessaries
with Fumigations of Frankincense Ros. Rub. & Mastich.
Internally may be given Sang. Dracon. Corn. Cerv. Alum. rup. Coral. ppt.
in any Suitable Form their Dose is dr. j. in a Day.
If these Fail See Brook's Vol. ij. p. 262

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