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Buboes Pestilential

Apply a Pultice of Mallows
and Hogs Lard. When they
are Ripe open & Dress them
with Ung. Basilic.

and Veneral

Exhibit Mercurial Cathartics and Rubb Mercurial
Ointment upon the Place or part Affected
Ung. Cerul. fort. is best rubb in dr. ij. or dr. iij. at a
Time. Let the Cathartics be Continued for
40 Days together with the Frictions but If
the Patient cannot bear much Purging
Let him have a Truce for a Day or two
N. B. When the common Method
has failed and the Buboes will not give
way to Mercurials it will be proper to
use a Decoct. of Rad. Sarssap. and a Milk
Diet i.e. Milk twice a Day and Fresh white Meats
for Dinner with a good Quantity of Lettuce
or some other cooling Some other Cooling Sallad.
Externally apply. Ung. Sambuc. Ung. Lap.
Cataminaris Called Turners Cerate
If Milk does not agree with the Patient let
him take Milk and Water

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