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To prevent the Blistering of a Burn wash with a Solution of Alum
& aq. Font. Hold the part before the Fire Or apply raw Onions or
Soap and Oil beat together
When a Burn is Blistered it is not to be cut but treated with Emollients
or Soap & Oil, or with Saturnine Ointment.
When the Burn is so deep as to Cause a Gangerine it must be
treated with Emollients and warm Cataplasms 'till the [?] is
cast oft and then it must be cured as a wound
When the part is Mortified nothing but amputation will succeed.
General Baths Traumat. Bals. Camphorat. Ol. Camph. Spt. Vin.
Ung. alb. Camph. Ung. alb. Ung. Emolliens Ung. Samb. Ung.
Saturnine. Acetum. Spt. Vin. Rectified.

Ung. Album camphoratum
Rx. Ol. Oliv. pt. j. Cerc alb. oz. jv. Sperm. Cit oz. iij. melt
them over a gentle Fire & keep them Stirring till Cold
add Camph dr. jss disolved in a few Drops of the Ol of Sweet
almonds this is Dicutient and Anodyne

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