(seq. 45)




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This is a disposition of the Body which depraves the Nourishment thereof
Throughout its whole habit.
Cure First give Such things as will correct, incide, and resolve humours
Such as Neutral Salts Sal polych. or Salt of many Virtues. Tarter. Vit. Sal
Diuret. Soluable Tarter, Spt. Mindereus's Spt as also Fixed alkaline Salts
then Medicines to Cleanse the Stomach and open Obstructions and
Carry off Impurities as the Aromatic Pills, Aloetic Pills, deobstruent
Pills, Chalybeated Electary Tinct of Fron. in Spt of Salt Steel or Wine,
Aloet alkaline Wine, after this Use Stomachics to Strengthen
the Stomach. If these fail Use Pyrmont. or Spaw Waters.

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