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Cardialgia or Pain at Stomach

Magnesia alb. Absorbents. Sugar'd Steel, Chalk - Julep.
Lozenges against the Heart Burn, bitter Tinct. Rhei,
Tinct Saura, Emetics.

Julepum è Creta
Rx. Creta alb. ppt zj. Sacch. alb. zvj. Gm Arabic zij. aq. Font. [?] j. m
Take 1 Glass of it at Pleasure
Tabelle Cardialgice vel Lozenges for the Heart Burn
Rx. Creta alb. ppt. zj [?] Crabs Claws ppt zij Bol. Armenic. zss Nucis
Moschat. Dj Reduce all to a Powder & make them into Lozzenges with

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