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Consumption from green Sickness & Lues Venera

A Consumption proceeding from
the Green Sickness and Supression
of the Menses, is particularly attended
with terrible Prickings, and
Violent Pains in the Side, this is
the Common Sorce of Female
Purge with the Tinct. Saccra
and give Chalybeats to promote
the Menses. But if the tabes
are began these things will
doo more hurt then good.
Therefore the patient must be treated
as in the Common Method for Pains
in the Side as with Liniments
and hot Fomentations till her
Menses Return

This is of an Asthmatic Kind and
is attended with a Defficulty of Breathing
Viscous Phlegm without ans troublesome
Cough It is Slow in its Progress
Cure give Antivenerals Mixed with
Pectorals or Salivate if the Patients
Strength will admit of it.
Gentle purges with Calomel are good
A Milk diet is proper with Decoct
Sarsap. Balsamic Pills are good

Rad. Sarsap. Ziij. Rad. Glyct. Zss. Aq.
Font. [?] iij. Coq. ad [?] j. this Quantity
may be taken every Day either warm
or Cold this should be Continued forty
Days or Longer
Balsamic Pillule
Rx [Lice?] porcupine ppt. ziij.
qm. Ammoniac. Zj. Flor. of Benzoin
Dij. or Zj Extract Croci & Bals. peru.
aa Dss terebenth. Bals. Sulph. q. s. Exhib.
Dj. thrice in a Day

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