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Hepatic Flux

This is a Diarrhea proceeding
from the same Causes
of the Common Diarrhea
and Dysentery. The Excrements
are bloody and
of a Milky Colour.
The Regimen and cure
are the same as in the
Diarrhea & Dysentery
Rx. Rad. Rhei pulv. Dj. Cons.
Ros. Rub. q. s. ut f. bolus.
omni nocte h. s. sumend.


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Health to preserve

In Chilly wet Weather take
Rx Small Beer Pt. j. Spt. Vin. Qt. j.
dulcify cum Sacch. Spum. adde
Acetum enough to make it
palatable. Ashbetten this is
Fresh Meat & Vegetables Extract
of Leamon. Garlik and Brandy
is very good.
Punch Audulated with Cream
of Tart. is good in hot weather

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