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Illiac Passon

This is a Pain in the Small
Intestines which is apt to turn
into an Inflamation, in which
the Peristaltic Motion is inverted
and their Contents and even the
Excrements themselves is Voided
by the Mouth in Vomiting. No
thing will pass downwards
not so much as a flatus. It
is often attended with Fatal
Cure Bleed immediately & Repeat
it pro re nata. Then apply a Blister
on the Part where the Pain is
then give Extract. Cathart.
with gr. j. Extract thebaic
If there is an Inflamation give
Sal. Nit. gr. viij. qm. Camph. [gr?] ss. Rad.
Val. Sylv. s. j.
Externally Rx Lard Porcup. oz. j. Camph. dr. j.
m. pro liniment. if these fail then apply
Argent. Vicrum. lb. j. may be swallowed once
Dash Cold water on the feet then on the Legs
then up to the Pubis, which will procure stool

Impetigo of the Greeks see Leprosy

Venery to Provoke
Pulv. Cin. Rad. Angel.
Zingib. Cantharides
Carioph. Fl. Lavend.
Sem. Fenic. Rad. Cont.
Macis Rad. Serpt. Virg.
Succ. kerm. Bals. peruv.
Cardam. Minor.
Cort. Cit.
Syr. Bals. C.
some of these in Vin. Can.
Pastinaca Hortensis

Ung. Nervi.
Ol. Macis Ol.
Caryoph. Ol. Rodii
Bals. peruv.

or Night Mare

Bleeding and purging
are necessary
Let the patient lie with
his head Raised
and eat Light Suppers
If the ail is very troublesome
Antiepileptics and Steel
Medicines may be used

N. B. This Distemper
is caused by undigested
Humours stopping the
Passage of the Animal
Spirits, so that the Body
cannot move

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