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An Imposthumation is a
Swelling or gathering of
Humours which are of
a Corrupt Nature into any
Part of the Body.

They are Cured by a proper
Regimen by Supperatives
or discutients by Emollients
and Carnatives &c Vide
other Inflamations and

Inflamation & of ye Reins & Bladder

The Signs of this Disease are an acute
burning, pressing Pain in the
Region of the Pubis attended with
a Fever and Continual Tenesmus and
a perpetual Striving to Make
Cure Bleed in the Foot. & if the
Pain is Violent Exhibit the following
Rx. Calc. Antimo illote dr. ss. Croci. gr. v.
Camph. gr ij. M. F. pulv. Statim. Sumend.
Rx. Nit. s. j. Antim. Diaph. gr xv.
Croci gr jv. Camph. gr iij. M. F. Pulv.

Externally Antispasmodics
Ol. Amygd. d oz. iij. Sal. Ammoniae
dr. j. Camph. s. j. M. F. Ung. add.
Ung. de Alth. oz. j. Anoint the
Region of the Pubis with this

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