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Bleeding is of Great
Balms, Betony, Vervain
Brook-lime Salvie -
Absinth, St Johns Wort
Lime Tree. Camphire
Asses Blood dried
Steel, Cinnib. and the
Calx and Tinct. Silver
Rx. Fol. Melisse Mj.
Spir. Vin. oz. ij. Margarit
ppt. dr. ss Coch. ij pro

Memory Defect of

A Weakness of the Memory is
a Sign of An Apoplexy Epilepsy
Hypochondriac Passion and Palsy
Cause it may proceed from Contusions
falls, Blows on the Head
Passions of the Mind &c.
Cubebs eaten Fasting is good
but young People must not
be too busy with them
Castor, Amber Spiritous
Externally Ol. Myrrh should
be applied to the Ears and Vertex.
Spt. Lav. C. Aq. Hung. Hoffmann
Bals. Life Sal. Volit. Oleos.
these are good Internally
Externally Ol. Cinn. cum
Sacch. Cinnab. Nativ. Cinnab
Antimony Hot Medicines should
be Used with Caution
Tinct. Rad. Valerian is good

Menses to promote

Rad. Aristoloch.
Cort. Aurant.
lesser Centaury
Black Hellebore
Rue, Sqills, Saffron,
Sem. Sinapois, Myrrh
Galbanum. Ol. Sabine
Aq. Pulegii Tinct. Saccra
Pill. Ruf. Elix propriet
Tinct. Black Helebore
Aperient Diet Drink
Inf. amara.
Julep. Ammon.
Squill Pills
Pulv. Emenegog.
Pulv. Myrrh. C.
Elix. Myrrh.
laxative Merc. Pills.

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