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This is an Inflamation
of the Muscles of the
upper Part of the [Gullet?]

This is a sort of a
Quinzey which


This is a kind of
Palsy which sometimes
happens after
a Salivation and
sometimes after
the Exhibition
of Sacch. Saturn.
Cure Fat broths
are good in the
Morning with
Oleous Gylsters
Rx. Ol. amygd. d.
with Solut. Man.
Baths of sweet
water are good
after which anoint
the back
with hogs lard
Ol. Nucis Mosch.
ol Hyosciani.
Saffron, Anthos
all these Oils
are proper. f. linim.
When after a
Salivation use
Decoct. Woods
cum Antimon.


When the Glands
of the Penis are
so tightly bound
by the prepuce
that they cannot
be uncovered 'tis
called a Phimosis

Tis Cured by
Anti Venerals


This is an
hot Tumour
proceeding from
an over affluition
of Blood
to any Part
with heat
Redness and
beating with
Pain &c.

and Anodyn
will generally
work the
If it is from
a Veneral
Cause use


Bleed in the Temporalis
Juglar Frontalis or in the
sephane if the Menses
are surpressed.
Apply Leeches and blisters
when the Pulse are to low
for Bleeding
Rx. Nit. dr. vj. Camph. dr. j.
Pulv. m. exhib. s. ss. s. j.
After bleeding give the
following Cathartic
Rx. Man. oz. iij. Cream tart.
dr. ij. Sal. Nit. dr. ss Ol. amygd.
d. oz. j. Seri Lacti. lb. j.
Rx Seri. Lact. Qt j. Cit.
or Lim. Juice q. s. Syr.
Meconio dr. j. Sal. Nit. vel
Sal. Prunel. dr. j.
Emulsions of the 4 Cold
Seeds are good with Barley
water to every Qt. add
Sal. Nit. s. ij.
Put the feet in warm aq.
Shave the head and
bathe with Acetum
Ros. cum Spt. Vin Camph
Nit. ol. Lignum Rhod. &c

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