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The Seat of these
are in the Pudendum.
They are
occasioned by the
Veneral Disease
When Merc. Oint.
has been applied
they Dry and fall
of themselves but
when they are
Rooted Deep they
grow like Warts
in this case they
must be cut with
the Point of the [sciser?]
and a Pl. Merc. cum
Diach. c. gm applied

Procidentia Uteri

This is a common disorder and
the Uterus presents its self in the
Vagina between the Labia or is
quite Visible sometimes tis only
the Internal Membrane of the Vagina
some times tis the Body of the
Womb its self
See Bearing down of the Matrix
This is hardly ever Mortal some Women
have had it 30 Years

Pterygium of the Eye
see pannus of the Eye

Putrifaction to prevent
Alkaline Salts, fixed and Volatile,
Aloes, Rad. Contrayerva. Rad.
Raphana, Sem. Sinapois, Myrrh,
Neutral Salts, Scurvy Grass

Putrifaction to promote
Chalk. Chele Cancr. and other
Earthy Absorbents.

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