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An Astringent Regim
with Medicated Ales and
Wines are proper.
Sem. Anis. Carvi, Fenicule
dulc. may be put into
the Bread.
If the Patient be Costive
give a Carminative
Reduce the Rupture to
its former Position and
put a proper Bandage
thereon. with a plaister
of Adhernium.

Internally may be given
Rx. Troch. de Carab. oz. ss bole
Armeniae. Sang. dracon
pulv. Cinnam. Sem Anis.
Carvi Coriand aa oz. j.
Sacch. Saturn. s. j. Bals. peruv. dr. j
Syr Coral. q. s. f. pl. No. 8. Zj. 4 times in die
in Vin. Rub.

Rhyas & Encanthis

This is a Considerable diminution
or entire Loss of the carunele
of the Great canthus which
is the Angle or Corner of the Eye

Rx. Bals. peruv. Linement. arcei
aa Warmed then

Rx. Myrrh Aloes aa dr. jss. flor.
Ros. Rub. [?] j. Coque in Vin.
alb. Rub. oz. jv. ut. sind. Colat. oz. ij.
wet a pledget and apply this
over the eye. Sh.

Sadness its Efects

When Sadness attacks
the solid Parts it Dejects
the strength of the whole
Body and hurts its functions,
relaxing and lessening
the strength of the

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