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Scald head
See Itch

Scabby Eruptions
or Sore Heads in Children

See Crusta Lactea


This is a fixed pain
in the Joint of the
if the Pain Moves downward
'tis a Sign tis
going off.
Bleed in the Anele
and give a Cathart.
Rx. Merc. emet. flav.
gr. vj. Pulv. Ipeca. gr. xiij.
Cons. Flor. Anthos. q. s.
pro bolus
After the Opperation
Rx Sal. Volat. Succin
Cast. aa gr. vj. Extract.
thebaic gr. j. Cons. [?]ujul.
dr. ss. Ol. Anthos. gut. j.
Syr. Carioph. q. s.
F. Bolus Hora somnie
sumend. cum haust.
Rx Aq. Alexet. Simp.
oz. iij. Syr. Croc. oz. ss.
Spt. lav. C. dr. ss. M. F.
Haustus. Apply ye following
Rx. Sem. Sinap. lb. ss. Piper.
Zinzib. aa dr. j. Oxymel.
Simp pro Cataplasm


This is a high
Degree of the
Vertigo. in which
the Patient
is Seized with
a Dimness of
Sight and falls
Down in a fitt

See Virtego

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