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See Burns

Scirrheous Liver

The Regimen ought
to be the same as in
Cancerous and Scrophulous
Constitutions or
in the Jaundice or
Hipochondriac affection

Cure Bleed if the Patients
Strength will admit of
it and give proper Detergents
Use emollient liniments
and ye following Plaister
Rx. Empl. diachyl. C. qm
de Cicut. cum Ammoniacum
de. ran. cum Mercurio
è Cymen aa dr. ij
Camph dr. j. Ol. Succ dr. j. f
Internally Ethiops Min.
gm Ammoniae Meleped.
ppt. Cinab. Antimo.
Succin. Camph. any of
these are good
Emollient Baths & Fomentations
are of great Service
if these fail a Salivation is proper

& Tumour

These Tumours are
Cured as Cancerous
Tumors are which see

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