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Scrophulous Tumour

See Kings Evil


Canella alb.
Buck Beans
Horse radish Water
Sem. Sinapois
Succ. Aurantio.
Cort. peruv.
Wood Sorrel
Scurvy Grass
Spt. Salt
Comp. horse Radish Water
Scorbutic Diet Drink
Antiscorbutic Infus.
Scorbutic Juices
Elix stomach
Elix Vit.
Elix propriet. cum acid
Scorbutic Whey
Steel Pills & Chalybeats
Tar pills
Tar Water
Bitter Infusions
Salt of many Virtues
Tinct. Rhei amara
acid Elect. Tinct. saccra
Stomach. Pills

Senses disordered

The Senses may be
disordered by Various
things as by falls hurts
Blows Excesive eating
and drinking an
Obstruction in the
Circulation of the Blood
by Cronic and Accute
Diseases &c

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