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Throat sore & putrid

If there is a Diarrhea give no Carth. but Rhei.
When the prime Vie is foul unload it with
an Emet. and let the pat Drink a Tea
of Cardius Benedictus
If the Physician is not Called soon enough
give immediately an Infusion of the Cort. peruv.
When an Efflorescence in the Skin appears
give Pulv. Rad. Contrayerv. C.
When the Spirits are low and there is a great
Sickness give Cardiac. Confect.
If the Putrifaction is great give a few grains
of the Extract of Myrrh or a Decoct. of the same

To Compleat the Cure enter upon a Course
of Balsamics, Chalybeat. Waters Elix. Vit.

Rx. Cort. peruv. oz. j. - Rad. Val Sylv. oz. ss -
Mel q. s. pro Elect. Ol. Caryoph. dr. ij. m.
It is Excellent to backen Humours in
the Throat. Communicated by Dr. Taylor


See Aphthea

Tinea Capitis

These are Tetters which
Discharge a Salt Lymph
and appear on the Head.
See Tetters and Cutanious

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