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If a Dropsy is owing
to the Rare faction of
some Steam or Vapour
arising from water
Pus, [?] or air
pent up and heated
'till they putrify then
it is called a Tympany
See Anasarca


This is a Giddiness
of the Head attended
with a Swimming
all Objects seem to
turn Round The Patient
staggers and
is in Danger of falling
Sometimes the
Patient is Seized
with Dimness of
Sight and falls
down in a fit this
Resembles the Epilepsy.
For the Cure
See Epilepsy &c.

St. Vitus's Daunce

The Cause lies not in the head as in
the Epilepsy But in the Medulla
Spinalis (or Peith of the Back bone)
and the Nerves proceeding therefrom
Cure Bleed, The next day give the
Common Purging Potion. and the
next Evening give the following
Rx. Aq. alexeter. simp. dr. iss Spt. lav. C. gut. 30
Theriac andromach s. j. Tinct. thebaic gut. 8
M. F. haustus
Repeat the Purging Potion thrice every
other Day and the same Draught
in the Evenings
Bleed again and repeat the Cathartics
3 or 4 Times and persue this Course to the
3d or 4th Time. on the Days Free from
Purgation exhibit ye following.
Rx. Cons. absinth. Maritime & flavid Aurantior.
aa oz. ij. Cons. Anthos oz. ss Theriach andromach
[Veter?] & Nucis Moschata condit aa dr. iij. Syr. Succin.
q. s. f. Elect. Quant. nucis Moschat Repet pro re nata
Rx Rad. peon oz. j. Salvi. Betony Chancedr. Marrub. alb.
[?] Cent. Min aa M j. B[?] Junip. dr. jv. [?] Campan.
Imperator & Angil aa oz. s. Cort. Amant. Infund in
Vin. Canaria lb. vj. Chl. j. pro dosibus

See Impetigo

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