Stearns, Samuel, 1747-1809. Medical notebook of Samuel Stearns, circa 1773. H MS b1.1, Countway Library of Medicine.

Notebook containing descriptions of various diseases and medical conditions and recommended treatments collected by New England physician Samuel Stearns (1747-1809) in circa 1773. There are entries in alphabetical order including instructions on preventing abortion (miscarriage), setting fractures, and for treating melancholy, taken sometimes from the published works of other physicians, such as Richard Brookes (1721-1763), whose prescription for cancer Stearns transcribed. The notebook is dated 1773 and may have been intended for publication as part of a medical dispensatory Stearns was attempting to compile, beginning in 1772. As part of his efforts, Stearns traveled to hear medical lectures in North America, England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. The volume bears the locations including London, England; Québec, Canada; and Pembroke, New Hampshire, on the title page and flyleaf.


(seq. 146)

(seq. 146)


This is too great an Increase of the Quantity of Blood.

Cure Bleed and use proper Exercise with a Nourishing Regimen.

Poisons for Poisons see Bites of Venemous [?] &


This is a Nervous or Convulsive or Nervous Colic See Colic Poitou

Polypus è Heart

This is a Mass Composed of Various Pellicles and Fibers, Generated in the Heart and large Vessels It Occurs both in accute and Chronic Diseases and there are but few Bodies to be found wherein 'tis not found after Death

It is seated in the Heart pulmonary Artery and the Arota Cure Use an exact Regimen with Frequent Exercise Chalybeated Min. Waters with alkalious Salt is proper Coralline Medicines with Cinnab. Volatiles, Succin ppt Antispasmodics Saponacious Medicines &c.

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(seq. 147)

(seq. 147)


The Seat of these are in the Pudendum. They are occasioned by the Veneral Disease When Merc. Oint. has been applied they Dry and fall of themselves but when they are Rooted Deep they grow like Warts in this case they must be cut with the Point of the [sciser?] and a Pl. Merc. cum Diach. c. gm applied

Procidentia Uteri

This is a common disorder and the Uterus presents its self in the Vagina between the Labia or is quite Visible sometimes tis only the Internal Membrane of the Vagina some times tis the Body of the Womb its self See Bearing down of the Matrix This is hardly ever Mortal some Women have had it 30 Years

Pterygium of the Eye see pannus of the Eye

Putrifaction to prevent Alkaline Salts, fixed and Volatile, Aloes, Rad. Contrayerva. Rad. Raphana, Sem. Sinapois, Myrrh, Neutral Salts, Scurvy Grass

Putrifaction to promote Chalk. Chele Cancr. and other Earthy Absorbents.

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(seq. 148)

(seq. 148)


Cons. Ros. Antihect. Decoct. Vulner. Decoct. Pectoral. Infus. Pect. Bolus Bals. Elect. Julep. Ammon. Squill Julep Bals. Lamb. Pect. Pills Tar. Pills Squill Pills Lime Water comp. simp. Tar Water Emetics Elix Vit. Blistering Pl.


These are a sort of a Pimple that appears on patients of a Scorbutic and Cacochymic habit. For their cure see other Cutaneous erruption


The Motion of the Pulse are four Kinds viz. Great, Little, Quick, Slow, from whence arise the other Motions as Violent Weak &c The Pulse are said to be hard or soft at some times but this Respects the Artery not the Motion of them See B. Introd. P. 80.

Putrifaction See Pterygium


Bleeding and Cleansing the Prime Vie is of great service.

Decoct. Rad. Bard. Seneke Wood Tamarind. Anti Scorbut Juices Diet Drink against Scurvy Diaphoret. Julep. Bolus Guaiac. Sapo alb. Squill Pills Sem. Sinap. Ol. Terebenth. Ethiops Min. Cinnab. Antim. Merc. Pills. Externals Cataplasm Emolliens Bals. Anod. Bals Turpintine Saponaceous Bals. Camph. Ol. Liniment anodyn Anodyne Plaster Saponaceous Plaster Warm Plaisters Blistering Plaisters.

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(seq. 149)

(seq. 149)


Cold bathing Ethiops Min. Martial Flowers Fomentation Aromat. Ung. Nervin.

Fotus Aromaticus Rx Carioph. Mace aa dr. j. Vin. Rub. Pt. j. boil them a little and strain off the Wine


Reaching to Vomit is a sign of a Cardialgia, Dysentery Hypochondriac Passion Pestilential Fever

Reaching to Vomit Fruitless denotes Poisons by Vegetables

Reaching to Vomit sometimes fruitless at others when Billious matter is brought up denotes an Intermitting Fever & Ague.

Rheums or Salt Rheum

Ung. Epidemic Ol. Cream.

Internally Flor. Sulph. in Sacch. spum. with Ethiops Min.

Toward the latter end of the Cure purge the patient with Syr. despin. [cer vine?] Dr. Ball.


Bleed and Purge the Patient and apply a liniment of the following Rx. Ung. Nerv. oz. j. Liq. Land. Ol. amygd. d. aa oz. ss. Camph. dr. ss. m. f. Linimentum. If the Case be Obstinate treat it as the Errysipilous sh. give something to Defend the stomach.

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(seq. 150)

(seq. 150)


An Astringent Regim with Medicated Ales and Wines are proper. Sem. Anis. Carvi, Fenicule dulc. may be put into the Bread. If the Patient be Costive give a Carminative glyster. Reduce the Rupture to its former Position and put a proper Bandage thereon. with a plaister of Adhernium.

Internally may be given Rx. Troch. de Carab. oz. ss bole Armeniae. Sang. dracon pulv. Cinnam. Sem Anis. Carvi Coriand aa oz. j. Sacch. Saturn. s. j. Bals. peruv. dr. j Syr Coral. q. s. f. pl. No. 8. Zj. 4 times in die in Vin. Rub. Shaw.

Rhyas & Encanthis

This is a Considerable diminution or entire Loss of the carunele of the Great canthus which is the Angle or Corner of the Eye

Rx. Bals. peruv. Linement. arcei aa Warmed then

Rx. Myrrh Aloes aa dr. jss. flor. Ros. Rub. [?] j. Coque in Vin. alb. Rub. oz. jv. ut. sind. Colat. oz. ij. wet a pledget and apply this over the eye. Sh.

Sadness its Efects

When Sadness attacks the solid Parts it Dejects the strength of the whole Body and hurts its functions, relaxing and lessening the strength of the Fibers

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