Stearns, Samuel, 1747-1809. Medical notebook of Samuel Stearns, circa 1773. H MS b1.1, Countway Library of Medicine.

Notebook containing descriptions of various diseases and medical conditions and recommended treatments collected by New England physician Samuel Stearns (1747-1809) in circa 1773. There are entries in alphabetical order including instructions on preventing abortion (miscarriage), setting fractures, and for treating melancholy, taken sometimes from the published works of other physicians, such as Richard Brookes (1721-1763), whose prescription for cancer Stearns transcribed. The notebook is dated 1773 and may have been intended for publication as part of a medical dispensatory Stearns was attempting to compile, beginning in 1772. As part of his efforts, Stearns traveled to hear medical lectures in North America, England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. The volume bears the locations including London, England; Québec, Canada; and Pembroke, New Hampshire, on the title page and flyleaf.


(seq. 161)

(seq. 161)

Throat sore & putrid

If there is a Diarrhea give no Carth. but Rhei. When the prime Vie is foul unload it with an Emet. and let the pat Drink a Tea of Cardius Benedictus If the Physician is not Called soon enough give immediately an Infusion of the Cort. peruv. When an Efflorescence in the Skin appears give Pulv. Rad. Contrayerv. C. When the Spirits are low and there is a great Sickness give Cardiac. Confect. If the Putrifaction is great give a few grains of the Extract of Myrrh or a Decoct. of the same

To Compleat the Cure enter upon a Course of Balsamics, Chalybeat. Waters Elix. Vit. &c.

Rx. Cort. peruv. oz. j. - Rad. Val Sylv. oz. ss - Mel q. s. pro Elect. Ol. Caryoph. dr. ij. m. It is Excellent to backen Humours in the Throat. Communicated by Dr. Taylor


See Aphthea

Tinea Capitis

These are Tetters which Discharge a Salt Lymph and appear on the Head. See Tetters and Cutanious eruptions.

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(seq. 162)

(seq. 162)

Tenitus this is a Noise in ye Ears

Betony Lavend. Anthos Salvie Sassafras for Tea

Eff. Succin. Ol. Succin. Cham. gut ij Castor. Carraway Fenicul. any of these Oils is proper put on a piece of Cotton wool and applied or put into the inside of the Ear. Ol. Amygd. Amar. oz. ss. Cast dr. ij m. on Cotton wool &c

Touching Defects of

This may happen from the extreme Cold of the Orgin or a fault in the Nerves of the Brain and sometimes by other Means If this arises from an Obstruction of the Cutaceous Nerves give Merc. Cathart. and make proper Revulsions Internally Spt. C. C. Sal. Volat. Oleos Externally Spt Earth Worms Sal. ammon. [Frequent?] Frictions Sinapisms Horse Radish stinging ye parts with Nettles Nervine Baths Blisters &c.

Tooth-ach and to clean & fasten

Rob. of Elder Ol. Carioph. Pulegii

To Clean & Fasten Vegetable Ethiops Decoct. Salvi.


This is sometimes Dangerous because it Generates into a Spasm, Palsy, Lethargy Apoplexy in Old people 'tis Incurable Cure Balm & Sage, for Tea is proper Or Rad. Chin. Cort. peruv added to the above is proper

Succinated Spt. C. C. given twice or thrice in a Day is proper Rub the Spine of the Back with Spt. Earth Worms Sal. Ammoniac. m. Opodeldoc is good. generous wine is good Pedeluvia hot Baths. phlebotomy is proper in plethoric C.

Twitching of the Tendons

Camphire Musk, Volat. Salts Bolus Alexiph with Musk.

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(seq. 163)

(seq. 163)


If a Dropsy is owing to the Rare faction of some Steam or Vapour arising from water Pus, [?] or air pent up and heated 'till they putrify then it is called a Tympany See Anasarca


This is a Giddiness of the Head attended with a Swimming all Objects seem to turn Round The Patient staggers and is in Danger of falling down. Sometimes the Patient is Seized with Dimness of Sight and falls down in a fit this Resembles the Epilepsy. For the Cure See Epilepsy &c.

St. Vitus's Daunce

The Cause lies not in the head as in the Epilepsy But in the Medulla Spinalis (or Peith of the Back bone) and the Nerves proceeding therefrom Cure Bleed, The next day give the Common Purging Potion. and the next Evening give the following Rx. Aq. alexeter. simp. dr. iss Spt. lav. C. gut. 30 Theriac andromach s. j. Tinct. thebaic gut. 8 M. F. haustus Repeat the Purging Potion thrice every other Day and the same Draught in the Evenings Bleed again and repeat the Cathartics 3 or 4 Times and persue this Course to the 3d or 4th Time. on the Days Free from Purgation exhibit ye following. Rx. Cons. absinth. Maritime & flavid Aurantior. aa oz. ij. Cons. Anthos oz. ss Theriach andromach [Veter?] & Nucis Moschata condit aa dr. iij. Syr. Succin. q. s. f. Elect. Quant. nucis Moschat Repet pro re nata Rx Rad. peon oz. j. Salvi. Betony Chancedr. Marrub. alb. [?] Cent. Min aa M j. B[?] Junip. dr. jv. [?] Campan. Imperator & Angil aa oz. s. Cort. Amant. Infund in Vin. Canaria lb. vj. Chl. j. pro dosibus

Venery See Impetigo

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(seq. 164)

(seq. 164)


General Balsam. Traumat. Balsam Locatellas Balsam Ung. Egypt. Gm Elemi Basilicum Epulotic Cerate Ung. Saturnine


To Restrain Aq. Minth. Haustus Salinus Salinus Julep Elix. Propriet. cum acid Tinct. Rhei amara

Saccra Spt. Vit. dulc. Elix. Vit. Emetics Chalybeates Opiates

Externals Bals. Anodynum Stomach Cataplsm Stomach Plaister Aromatic Fomentation

Vomiting of Blood

Decoct Yarrow, liquorice, Sem. Fen. dulc, Yarrow pro Tea. When the Pulse are strong Rx. Aq. Font. lb. j. Nit. dr. j. Syr. Papav. oz. ss This may be exhibited pro re nata Externally to Relax the Spasms apply Ol. Camph. & Ol. Rhodium. A Bagg of Flor. Cham. Sambuc. cum Minth. Absinthi. boiled in Acetum Rosatum vel Vin. Rubr. Bleeding is proper in the Fitt. Enemas divert the humours downwards. Styptics must not be used before the Exhibition of other Medicines

Urine Bloody

Bleed if the patient is plethoric or if it proceeds from a Sanguines Supression of an hemorrhage Nit. & absorbents with Whey is proper See pissing Blood.

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(seq. 165)

(seq. 165)


When ye Uterus is falling down it denotes the Fluor albus When 'tis Relaxed or the Ligaments are Relaxed it Denotes the Fluor alb. also When it runs purulent Matter it Denotes an Ulcer of the Uterus When tis Relaxed and there is a Coldness and with an Insensibility it denotes a Gangrene. When there is a Sense of a Weight it Denotes a Mole

Warts Common

Succ. Sylv. vel Common Celandine Marygold leaves Spurges Pursalin Bacon raw Beef Any of these rubbed thereon and then Consumed with Fire will Often work the Cure Red Cows Urine White Oak Stump water Vit. Roman. Spt. Vit. or they may be touched with a Red hot Iron

& Veneral

Ung. Merc. Decoct. Wood. or a Salivation &c. See Lues Venera


A Watching is a Sign of a Malignant Fever Hydrophobia, Madness, Melancholy. Plague. Cancer in the Uterus, Coma Vigil. especially if it is Constant

An Immoderate Watching is a Sign of a Continual Fever & of a Peripneumony See Sleep to procure

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