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But here it may be asked why is the human
Frame so complicated? In answer to this, Imagine to your-
selves, what is necessary to form a Compleat Man, What
is necessary to Contain an immatterial Mind, & Answer
the most valuable Purposes. There is 1st the Organs of Sense
to obtain the Knowledge of external Objects. 2dly The Nerves
to be the Instruments of Conveying our Sensations.
Man is intended for a social Being. He stands in Need of a
Tongue to speak. He was designed to be an Active Being.
How well are the Extremities contrived for this Use. The Bones
are necessary to give Firmness & Shape to the Body to be Lev-
ers for the Museles to act upon, and to defend the Parts most
necessary to Life from external Injuries; And the Bones are
many for the Purpose of Motion? How proper are the Liga-
ments to unite them & preserve them in their proper Situation?
How suitable are Cartilages & lubricating Glands to prevent
their Abrasion & facilitate their Motion? How proper are the
Muscles & Tendons to cover the Bones & perform the Office
of Moving Powers? How suitable for Nourishment is the
Blood, which is conveyed thro the Lungs & there attenuated
& Cooled, that it may easily flow, & with a proper Degree of Heat.
How suitable are the Arteries to carry the Blood to every
Part of the Body to nourish & Warm it & the Veins to return
the Blood to the Heart? How proper is the Thoracic Duct

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