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Spinous fishes are divided into prickly fin'd fishes
and soft fin'd & each of these into apodal Jugular
thoracic & abdominal -

these are divided into fifty [kind?] viz of prickly fin'd
soft find each 50 -

I Prickly fin'd

Apodal Trichurus, body sword form, head oblong
teeth sword like, bearded near the points, fore teeth largest
the fin of the Gill 7 Spines, tailing ending in a Point
without fins - China and eastern America

Xiphias or Swordfishes, Ophidium or Gilthead

Jugular Trachinus or Weever, Uranoscopus, Callyonymus, Blennies

Thoracic Gudgeon, Cepola, Corypheena or Razorfish,
Mackerel, Labrus, Sparus or Sea bream, Chatodon or Cat
fish, Sciaena, Perch, Scorpeena or father lasher, Mullus or
Surmulet, Trigla or Gurnard, Cottus or bull head, Zeus or Doree
Trachipterus or Sabre, Gasterosteus or Stickleback

Abdominal Silurus or sheat fish, Mugel or Mullet
Polynemus, Theutys, Elops or Sea Serpent

II Soft finn'd

Apodal Mureena or Eel, Gympotus, Anarchicas or Wolf fish
Stromateus, Amodytes or launce

Jugular Lepadogaster, Gadus or Cod fish

Thoracic Plemonecles or Flumide, Echeneis or sucking
fish, Leipidopus or Garter fish -

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