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Abdominal, Loricaria, Atherina, Salmon, Fistularia
Pike, Argentina, Clupea or Herring, Exocetas or flying fish
Cyprinus or Carp, Cobytes or Loach, Amia, Mormyrus

they all propagate by spawn & breathe by the Gills and
only in Water - a single Herring if [?] to multiply
unmolested would have a progeny in 20 years greater in [?] than
[?] rich Globes as this these have blood, without [?]

Of the Supplimentary tribes of fishes

Crustaceous fishes

divided into the Lobster tribe & tortoise

The Lobster has two teeth in it's [?] & three more in the stomach
the spinal Marrow is in the breast bone. they are herma=
phrodite and are self impregnated, the Ovary is backward towards
the tail where the peas appear in red, from the receptacle pass
2 Canals that open on each side to the Jointures of the shell
at the belly through these the peas descend to be excluded and
placed under the tail, where they are preserved from Danger till
come to maturity, when being furnished with limbs and motion
they drop off into the water - in a certain time they become
too large for their shells and [?]ally moult the shell
bursting at the Joints - und they are at this time very [?]
Thus renewed and permormed by means of a chalky substance
found in the lower part of the stomach improperly call'd Crab's Eyes
The teeth in the stomach break these stones to pieces and the fluids dissolve them
They often loose their limbs in Engagement, and they are

The Violet Crabs live in a state of Society and inhabit the
mountains of the Caribbee Island, whence at a certain

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