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Season of the year they are seen traveling down in large Armies
covering [?] of Land to the Sea to deposit their spawns and then
again returning to their retreats after having deposited their shells
in holes near the shore -

The Soldier Lobster has the same customs with the addi=
tional one that it having traveled from the mountain and
deposited it's spawn, being destitute of any shell except on
the Nippers it is obliged to seek for the of some other animal
which he supplies himself with in such manner as exactly
[?] him -

The tortoise has an upper & under shell formed be distict [?]
he has but a small head without teeth their place being
supplied by two serrated hard ridges, & with this they will [?]
more fastened to any substance on which they seize after the head
is severed from the body - the blood circulates much as in
the foetus in utero - they survive the loss of the brain & head
and recover their health, according an Experiment made by
Redi the brain was taken out and the Cavity washed clean upon
which the Animal shut bis Eyes which he never again opened
and unconcernedly marched oft and lived six months after

they live 190 years and are a month in Coition

The turtle is taken when [?] to lay - three or four sorts

The Trunk turtle is larger than the rest its back higher & rounder flesh is rank & not very wholsome

The Loggerhead has a larger head in Proportion than the others
the flesh rank and seldom eaten -

The Hawksbill is the least, & has a long & small mouth like a
hawksbill, the flesh is poor but the shell valuable, it is
raised by fire formed of 13 leaves 8 flat & 5 hollow, beautiful Work

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