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to be found in a hospital. Mr W visits every ward & room in the
hospital / the venereal wards excepted / two and three times a week,
and will continue to visit them, unless as Steward should take
a second wife. The super intends & directs the female part of the
help & has greatly improved the system in point of neatness
regularity & dispatch, and has if I calculate right saved
about 300 dollars per annum to the government; for the same
work is now better down by three women, which was formely
done by five.

To cut off the ill effects from east wind & fogs at certain
seasons, I have caused nearly a hundred quick growing trees
to be planted in that quarter. Lombardy poplars & masard
cherries have been planted in the front of the hospital; and
the burying ground is surrounded by a nursery of acacia trees; while the
best grafted apple tres are planted in the middle space.
of the fine cover of ground surrounding the hospital, we Ihave
cause 1 & a quarter to be laid out in a garden, from which I
predict manifold advantages to the convalescent. I wish
I could devise some employment for thase who have the
free use of their arms in the winter especially. They would be
more happy & their to their lower limbs sores would heal quicker. My enemies
have quickened my attention to this institution so that I wish to
have it second to none in point of order, neatness, and
successful medical treatment

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