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Respecting bills for the small articles I purchased for
the use of the hospital. I answer that they were presented
to Genl. Lewedin in a naming acct & paid for out of money
paid for the board of french seamen & never entered into
the quarterly acct. No vouchers were ever required D W
conceeded with the advice of the head clerk at the [??]
to send it on in the present form.

2d Respecting the garden producing a suffice & supply of
vegetables for the hospital, the remark is too general. It
produced sufft summer vegetables but by no means enough for
the year. The reason why the Steward never offered
his account for them & the late request for payments, was
because the S. had concluded to make up his own
account of these articles at the close of his year of service
viz to April 1st as he had concluded to quit his
Station & at that period, because he said he
found it none trouble yr profit.

His concerned by the Controller that [?]
has charged for all the labour (in the charge of J Sought) and manure of the
hospital grounds which is not the case his expenses
for labour & manure were never yet changed and
to 2 9"1 - which added to the 42 make 71. 1 - who
the vegetables merely paid for. Mr B worked in
the ground very readily when his troupe duties allowed
of it, which of course he never charged. He put out
195 trees, which he never charged for so that in fact
he has not charged what he might & ought to have

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